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Square One TV
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Square One TV was a show that ran from January 26, 1987 to Bluh Umpteenth, 1992. It's primary focus was on teaching children mathematics in a fun, interesting and completely factual and often practical manner. The show employed the use of game show, music video, sketch comedy, and serial segments. Every episode ended with a 10-15 minute 'Mathnet' episode, where two detectives used math to solve crimes over a five episode period.

All Video Clips are in Windows Media format at about 320x240 resolution.

Music Videos



Video clips 1987-1992 Children's Television Workshop / Sesame Workshop. Sesame Workshop no longer produces or supports the shows from which my content came from, so they should not care what anyone does with it, especially if it is not for profit. However, if they ask me to remove any or all of their stuff from my site, I will comply without contest.