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The Electric Company
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The Electric Company was a 1970s CTW TV show that focused on teaching children phonics and reading. The cast included Lee Chamberlain, Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, and Rita Moreno. Unfortunately I haven't captured any of the live segments yet, outside of the Short Circus.

The head writer of the show in later seasons was Tom Whedon, father of Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Jim Thurman was another writer, and The Vice President of Production was David D. Connell. Both later on became the Senior Producers for Square One TV.

Here are several categories of video clips, all taken from episodes shown by Noggin, unless otherwise indicated.

All Video Clips are either in Windows Media format at about 320x240 resolution, or Mpeg at 352x240 resolution.

Openings and Closings - updated as of 11/8/2003

2001 Monoliths

Road Runner

Misc Animated Segments

I wanted to put in some of the live action Spiderman segments, but unfortunately they're too long and would be too big for space to allow.


Video clips 1970-1976 Children's Television Workshop / Sesame Workshop. Sesame Workshop no longer produces or supports the shows from which my content came from, so they should not care what anyone does with it, especially if it is not for profit. However, if they ask me to remove any or all of their stuff from my site, I will comply without contest.